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TFX International Testimonials
TFX International Testimonials 2

Vehicle Shipment Testimonials from our Satisfied Clients

Monday morning, anytime is perfect. The concierge of the condominium is in charge of receiving the car. He has done that before.

P.S. I have been your satisfied customer for many years, since I started to ship my car, instead of driving it. TK of MVL Leasing recommended your company. I also like your trucks!!!!!

Thank you.


Hi Jacqui,
I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the outstanding service transporting our motorcycles to and from Las Vegas earlier this month. Your crew was just terrific. They were early with delivery and exactly on time with the pickup. They worked their tails off and were extremely friendly and cooperative with our customers. We are planning at least two, and possibly three, trips next year and will of course use TFX. Once we have dates established, we will contact you. Once again, our thanks for an outstanding job. TFX is the best! Cheers,


Brandi, I would like to take this time to thank you and your team on the transport of my vehicle to San Diego. It is not a million dollar vehicle but it is still my baby. 

My Sincere Thanks.

Ronald Lum

You delivered the car today. Nice ride!!!! The trucker was a nice guy, very friendly and helpful. I think your company has some good people working for you.
Thanks for all your help and I hope to use you again.

I think your service is nothing short of outstanding …very impressive …and I don't impress easily.

Jerry N Smith

Hi Darlene, Adam

The car was delivered on time and in good shape as far as I can see. Thanks for your help, please thank the driver!


On time. Car is clean.


All set. I gave the cashier check to Rodney the driver a few minutes ago and he's on his way back now.  I wanted to let you both know that our team was quite impressed with TFX's services this week and I thank you very much for this.  I would like to set up a direct bill account with TFX as we plan to do this all over again next year with the same displays.  
Thank You and Regards,


Greetings Jacqui,
I just wanted to let you know everything went well last night. The “girls” are home, and Ian was just outstanding. We went and grabbed a bite to eat, and we had a great chat. I don’t think things could have been any better. With respects to the so-called “competition”, my friend was in shock. He couldn’t stop talking about, “Wow, what a sleek operation. That truck was impressive. Wow, what a trailer. That’s the way to ship a car,” and on and on. He actually asked me for one of your cards. Funny, I never even took one last time I was out there. Maybe if you could mail me out a few that would be great. Ian stepped up to the plate and provided your card to him. I bet you are going to get a call. Thank you again and we will be talking very soon. Regards,


Got the car yesterday. Outstanding service. Greatly appreciated. Will definitely use TFX from now on. Best regards,


Who uses our services?

  • Snowbirds (one way or return trip)
  • Show cars
  • Vintage vehicles
  • Photo shoots
  • Museum vehicles
  • Exotic/Classic vehicle show
  • Manufacturers
  • Dealers
  • Motorcyclists
  • Sports teams
  • Baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey
  • Prototypes
  • Test cars
  • Priceless antiques
  • Formula race cars
  • Show cars
  • Movie vehicles
  • Ride and drive
  • Standard family vans and cars