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TFX International Testimonials
TFX International Testimonials 2

Vehicle Shipment Testimonials from our Satisfied Clients

Driver Jeff just left my house and again I must say I was very impressed with your employees and how my toy car was handled. Great job from what I saw tonight. Thank you again.

David Cantagallo

Hi Darlene,

Mr Isaac delivered my vehicle late in the evening 24th of Oct.

The man is a gentleman, and a professional. I've been involved in the trucking industry foe 30+ years. There are few like him.

I'm so pleased withe the service, a very pleasant experience. Kudos to you and your crew. Excellent job!

Thank you,


TFX was recommended to me by Allen Lewis of Vintage car connection, and I am pleased to say he was right thanks to you and your team. 

Well apparently I found a new customer for you!
The company (Motorcycles.com) where I bought the bike, and where you are picking up from, called to thank me. 
They have another bike coming up (they were loading the bikes up a short while ago) on the same load, but you likely know that.
She said she was very pleased with the service and contact with TFX, and how you handled everything from the notice of pick-up from both the driver and the head office call she received last week, to all the border crossing requirements that you take care of. 
I'm sure you will be receiving more business from them in the future!


Dear TFX,
I was sitting in Tim Hortons®, having a coffee after church, when my son called my wife’s cell phone, saying that Ian would be along in 30 minutes. Fastest I ever drank my coffee and the biggest darn truck I ever saw, too. It was nice to meet Ian, very friendly and very professional, an excellent customer relations person for TFX. The truck was empty except for my “baby” and somebody’s lime green 1960s GTO. All the neighbours came out, expecting some kind of fancy car. Boy, were they surprised. What is that! They left shaking their collective heads. It fits in the garage with plenty to spare. The car is actually in great shape for restoration. I am very pleased. I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service and communications, starting with Jacqui’s original response to my request and the chitchat in-between. If one of you is ever in my area with a little free time, please feel free to call us, and we’ll have you over for coffee/dessert at the minimum, and you can see my baby!


I wanted to compliment your driver who picked up my car yesterday. I always have some apprehension when dealing with a new company and I have to tell you that his personality, care and professionalism put my mind at ease. He told me his name (which I have forgotten as I am terrible with remembering names), so I must apologize for that.

If the rest of your drivers are as good as he is, then you are very lucky.

Have a good day.

Ken Jellicoe

I just wanted to say thank you for everything. Justin picked up the bike today and he told me how impressed he was with how it was transported. We very much appreciate your help with getting my bike back home to me.


Hi Jaqui,

Just received my motorcycle right to my garage door.

Wayne the truck driver was awesome. Just a nice guy.

I appreciate your help and others at TFX



Thanks to Duncan the seller and his recommendation of TFX to carry her here, and even tho as LD would say it’s a pretty pretty long way from Vancouver to NC, they made it well within their time estimate, and a refund is on the way for part of the charge..very commendable.


Ralph E.

Thanks for your help! Just a quick note to thank you for your assistance in transporting the Molson Indy Viper and CART Atlantic cars for our inaugural appearance at the Canadian International Auto Show. As you know, they were well admired by the approximately 300,000 visitors to the CIAS this year. Jacqui, once again your staff went out of the way to squeeze our little move into your hectic schedule and to help us start our Viper.

CF and NF

Who uses our services?

  • Snowbirds (one way or return trip)
  • Show cars
  • Vintage vehicles
  • Photo shoots
  • Museum vehicles
  • Exotic/Classic vehicle show
  • Manufacturers
  • Dealers
  • Motorcyclists
  • Sports teams
  • Baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey
  • Prototypes
  • Test cars
  • Priceless antiques
  • Formula race cars
  • Show cars
  • Movie vehicles
  • Ride and drive
  • Standard family vans and cars